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How to Create the Perfect Earring Stack

How to Create the Perfect Earring Stack

Earring Stack Basics

Mix Sizes & Shapes

The best part of earring stacks is you get to show off your earring collection all at once! Earring stacks are a great way to show off some of your unique and statement pieces.

Try pairing a huggie earring with a stud or plain gold earrings with a pop of colour. When it comes to stacking, the more interesting, the better!

We love the Plain Huggie Earring for any stack. They pair well with pretty much every earring, including these beautiful Lock & Key earrings.

TAI JEWELRY Lock and Key Earring

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Go Big to Small

A typical earring stack will have the longest or largest earrings in the first lobe piercing, with the earrings getting gradually smaller going up the ear. So, you might have a dangling earring in your first piercing, a smaller hoop in the second, a stud in the third, and so on.

Arranging your earrings by size is a great way to start, but it certainly isn’t the only way to stack! For starters, try pairing these Lennon Earrings with CZ Huggies. Don’t be afraid to play around with larger earrings in different spots to see what works for you.

CZ Huggie Earring


Pick a Metal

Many people will choose one metal for their earring stack, whether it be gold, silver, or even rose gold. Choosing one metal will help your stack look clean and put together, even if you have various stones, textures, and sizes. But there’s nothing wrong with mixing metals if you like that look!

Tailor to Your Ears

Everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when planning your stack. If you have smaller ears, you might want to consider smaller earrings, like studs, thinner hoops, or threader earrings.

We love the Chloe Threader Earrings because they add visual interest and length to even the daintiest ears.

chloe earring threader

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Like we mentioned earlier, many people will choose one metal when creating an earring stack. Whether you choose silver, gold, or rose gold, sticking to one metal helps create a clean, unified look.

Another way to add to your stack is with different stones. Pearls and sparkle/cubic zirconia are great ways to add gems to your look while keeping it too monochromatic.

If you’re looking for a pop of colour, coloured stones like turquoise are a great way to make your stack more interesting.

We love the Turquoise Hoop Earring because it adds a vibrant pop of colour and pairs with gold and silver beautifully.

Theia Turquoise Hoop Earring

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Of course, the more ear piercings you have, the more opportunities you have to stack! Earring stacks look great with cartilage piercings like tragus, conch, or helix piercings.

That said, you don’t necessarily need another piercing to add another layer to your look.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are a great way to get the stacked look without the commitment of an actual ear piercing. Ear cuffs give the effect of a cartilage piercing and usually fit well just above the earlobe.

We love the Helga Ear Cuff because they’re easy to add to almost any stack, no piercing necessary.

helga ear cuff

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Climber Earrings

Climber earrings are another alternative. They give the look of multiple lobe piercings, but you just need your standard, single ear piercing. The earring goes into your lobe piercing and is long enough to “climb” up your ear, giving a similar effect to multiple piercings and earrings.

We love the Elegant Gold Climbers with Cz Earring because the simple gold and cubic zirconia design is easy to pair with anything!

elegant gold climbers

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Stacking Up Your Look

From dainty to dramatic, the great thing about earring stacking is that pretty much anything goes! Whether you stick to simple studs or try a statement earring, your stack is sure to look great.

Like any jewelry look, if it brings you joy, you’re probably on the right track with your stack!

reconnect hoop earring

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