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These Vancouver designers have been designing unique and delicate pieces working with skilled silversmiths in Thailand for the past 20 years. Made from sterling silver, 14K gold Vermeil, and semi precious stones. Inspiration for their jewelry comes from the magnificent natural environments of the West Coast.

Gold Brush Stud Earring Gold Brush Stud Earring
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Gold Brush Stud Earring


Turquoise Stud Earring Turquoise Stud Earring
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Turquoise Stud Earring


Mama Necklace Mama Necklace
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Mama Necklace


2.5 Hoop Earring 2.5 Hoop Earring
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2.5 Hoop Earring

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Solitaire Choker Solitaire Choker
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Solitaire Choker

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3.5 cm Hoop Earring 3.5 cm Hoop Earring
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3.5 cm Hoop Earring