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After moving from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Los Angeles Cynthia founded Kozakh with the believe that jewelry should stay on your body and out of the trash. These timeless and sustainable pieces are made out of 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver  and every gem, pearl, and chain is hand picked to make sure the quality of the jewelry meets the highest standards.
Monica Necklace Monica Necklace
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Monica Necklace


Isabella Paperclip Necklace Isabella Paperclip Necklace
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Isabella Paperclip Necklace


Cerceau Tiger Hoop Earring Cerceau Tiger Hoop Earring
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Cerceau Tiger Hoop Earring


Cerceau Tiger Bow Necklace Cerceau Tiger Bow Necklace
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Cerceau Tiger Bow Necklace


Serenity Cuff Earring Serenity Cuff Earring
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Serenity Cuff Earring


Cerceau Tiger Necklace Cerceau Tiger Necklace
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Cerceau Tiger Necklace


Moni Bracelet Moni Bracelet
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Moni Bracelet


Sam Necklace Sam Necklace
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Sam Necklace


Cadenetta Earring Cadenetta Earring
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Cadenetta Earring