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Make Waves

March 08, 2022

Make Waves

We collaborated with Directher Network to create the Make Waves pendant and we also did a feature on women making waves in the community. The Make Waves Pendant was designed to represent the importance and value of diverse women's voices in leadership, the Make Waves pendant is a beautiful reminder that all voices belong at decision-making tables, including boardrooms. Here are changemakers in our community who continue to elevate women in the governance space: 


First up, we're celebrating Adrienne Wong, CPA, CA: a born and raised Calgarian who loves staying active and being connected to the community. She's a volunteer for DirectHer Network, a Board director for Calgary Corporate Challenge, a deals advisor at PwC Canada, the recipient of the 2021 CPA Alberta Early Achievement Award, and a mom and wife. ⁠

🌊HERE'S HOW ADRIENNE IS MAKING WAVES: She is an active advocate for women empowerment both in the workplace and in the community. Whether it's acting as a mentor for PwC Canada's Women in Leadership Program, collaborating as part of a maternity leave focus group, or developing content for DirectHer Network, she aims to build a network that can help to support and uplift others.⁠

🌊HER CALL TO ACTION THIS IWD: To promote gender equality for the next generation by breaking down gender stereotypes at home. ⁠


Shenneile Henry. She works in Commercial Banking and co-founded the fastest growing Employee Resource Group for Black Professionals at ATB Financial in 2021, their mandate is to advance the inclusion of Black professionals in leadership through mentorship and development programs.

She is also the President for Young Women in Business Calgary, the fastest growing chapter for Young Women in Business - a Canada-wide non profit organization.

🌊HERE'S HOW SHENNEILE IS MAKING WAVES: She is making waves by being authentically and unapologetically myself - a proud Black woman. A fearless leader, storyteller, connector, coach, mentor and proud woman in business. She hopes that from her experiences all individuals will find the courage to be authentically and unapologetically themselves as well.

🌊HER CALL TO ACTION THIS IWD: Walk the Walk. Sometimes it's the little things in life that leave lasting impacts and make extraordinary differences.

Attend a women lead event. Become a part of these spaces. You will quickly come to learn that most 'x' lead spaces; x being gender or race for example, are in fact open to all.

Spread the word. Like, comment, and/or share women lead initiatives and events being hosted in your community.

Become a sponsor. Speak up for those who face roadblocks when trying to speak for themselves. Give a Linkedin (or other channel) recognition and recommendation that showcases and highlights an incredible woman or women, and the work they are doing in and for the community.

Leave a review each time you have a great experience and/or receive an incredible product or service that was developed by a woman entrepreneur.

Advocate for yourself! Clap for yourself even if no one else is clapping for you. Celebrate yourself, share your story and be proud of who you are.


Dr. Rachael Pettigrew, a professor, researcher, speaker, and mother. I am an associate professor in the Department of General Management and Human Resources in Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University. With almost 20 years of university teaching experience, she is a student-centered instructor whose research, rooted in social justice, explores topics related to gender in the workplace, organizational culture, and diversity and inclusion, including newcomers.⁠

🌊HERE'S HOW RACHELLE IS MAKING WAVES: She hopes she make waves, but know that she am making change one droplet at a time. Each student she teaches (and there have been thousands), each report or article she writes, presentation or speech she gives are like drops in a lake creating a ripple effect, moving outward, that she can only hope result in a broader change. In her classes, she builds inclusive spaces and discusses topics such as gender, LGBTQ2+, and newcomer workplace inclusion, and Indigenous employment and relations knowing that each HR student will take this information about building welcoming workplaces with them into their future workplaces. She is a staunch advocate and supporter of organizations pushing for gender equity such as DirectHer Network, YWE, and AskHer YYC. ⁠

🌊HER CALL TO ACTION THIS IWD: My IWD call to action is to make sure your voice is heard. Share your board experiences, aspirations, barriers experienced, and future DirectHer programming needs by completing our survey (head to the link in our bio). Your participation is so valuable and we need your help. S⁠
Also, MRU Faculty of Business of Communications International Women's Day event is hosting virtual conversations about gender equity, allyship, and workplace inclusion, including a panel with Chantel Cabaj. My second IWD call to action is to engage with some of these important conversations.




 Joydrop x Directher are proud to release their collaboration of this meaningful pendant. "Make Waves" represents the importance and value of diverse women's voices in leadership, especially at the board table. Each purchase of this pendant provides $50 to support DirectHer Network, a Canadian charity empowering an expanded pool of women to become board directors sooner.

Get yours here!




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