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Must-Have Accessories for Your Travel Bag

Must-Have Accessories for Your Travel Bag

Summer is finally here, and so are the late-night hangouts with friends, good weather, hikes, and a lot of iced coffee and cold smoothies! But that's not all – Summer also comes with planned getaway vacations like road trips and overseas travel. Whether you are travelling for short or long periods, we have created a must-have accessory list for your travel bags.


Let's be honest, the majority of the time, when we plan trips, we usually make our destination spot somewhere much warmer than Calgary! 

Of course, sunglasses are practical for UVA/UVB protection, which is one of the biggest determining factors when deciding to wear sunglasses. However, sunglasses also function as a perfect staple piece for summer outfits! 

We always like to pack two pairs of sunglasses depending on the day and outfit! One large-frame pair adds an extra flair to any outfit (and protection from the sun, of course) and one smaller-framed pair for short errand runs and nights out during your vacation!

Hair accessories - put your hair up when it's hot 



Hair accessories are perfect for any vacation, and, well, who doesn't love playing around with new hairstyles? Whether at a beach, dinner party, or walking the streets of a foreign city, you'll want to pack a variety of hair ties, scrunchies, claw clips, and barrettes

It is always a good idea to hold a hair tie or scrunchie during travel, especially when the bright sun starts to beam down at you. Why not cool off and look stylish at the same time? Nothing gets better than that.


Sunhats, bucket hats, baseball caps…the list goes on! If you're anything like me, you'll do anything for a beautiful vacation photo, and the best indicator of being on vacation is a sunhat paired with a beautiful dress!

Hats can take up space in your bag, so we recommend you pick one hat to bring along with you. Particularly a neutral-toned hat would be your best option…that way, you can pair it with absolutely anything and wear it everywhere! 

Keep your jewelry safe- in a travel case

Who doesn't love glamming up their looks with jewelry? Pack your favourite pieces of jewelry that can go with any look! A couple of necklaces you can layer, an anklet for the beach, and bracelets! A classic pair of gold hoops can even look stylish in your bathing suit! 

But be careful; jewelry can easily get lost in your travel bag. We always recommend a small jewelry travel box to store everything safely and in one place!

Perfect Handbag

Bringing a versatile handbag helps you travel light! Stick to neutral tones: blackwhitenude. It is much more fun to wear coloured bags in the Summer, but it's better to pick a safe, neutral tone when travelling. As much as we want to pack our entire wardrobe and selection of handbags, we can't.

If you don't want to take up too much space in your travel bag, you could always carry your handbag during travel as a secondary bag and put in your essentials like lip-gloss, an extra necklace, hand lotion, an eyelash curler, and oh – I guess your passport and ID card too! 

 Hopefully, this helps you prioritize what accessories to bring along with you! Be creative, pack accessories you can pair with any outfit, and most importantly, don't overpack! It makes coming home easier and leaves room for things you might pick up on your travels.  



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