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Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

April 20, 2021

Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is one day out of the year to remind your mom how special she is for all 365 days of the year! We have put together a list of our most popular and meaningful Mother's Day ideas to find the perfect gift for your mom. 


Mama Bear 

She is the type of mom who would do anything and everything for her family. She makes each day almost as wonderful as she is. This necklace represents ferocity in the protection of one's family. Made in Vancouver, this talisman shows how much she means to you.

She is a Pearl

She is the definition of grace. Pearls represent wisdom gained through experience, the kind of wisdom that your mom passes on to you. Whether it is a phone call for advice or a long chat, she is always there to lend an ear.  

Always There For You

This talisman is perfect for the mom that has your back. Representing strength, courage, and wisdom, the owl watches over her loved ones. 

Let Her Know You are Thinking of Her 

This necklace is the perfect gift to let her know you are thinking of her. Two links connected remind her that even though you may be far apart, she is always in your heart. It also has an adjustable length making it the perfect fit every time.  

She Has Our Heart

This delicate necklace may feature a little heart but it serves as a big reminder of how much your mom means to you. She is the type of mom who leaves you notes to wish you an awesome day or maybe a text message to check-in. She sends you a lot of love and now you are sending it back. 

For The Style Queen

The Leo Necklace is for the mom who has a bold style but makes it look effortless. She takes charge and looks good while doing it. The type of mom who would appreciate a statement piece to add to her already flawless look. 


She Keeps Everyone Connected

She is the link that keeps everyone together. She organizes the zoom calls and will give you a call to see how your day is going. She is thoughtful and ensures everyone feels loved. Just like this necklace, there is one link that stands out just a little more. 


Personalized Necklace Made by You

Putting together a charm necklace is the perfect gift to send a thoughtful message about how much your mom has impacted your life. Whether she is a mom of one or many, you can add birthstones for all the people important to her. 



Just Come Right Out and Say It

You have the best mom in the world, you know it, and she should know it too! The perfect reminder that she is a Rockstar. 


She Sparkles

She is the type of mom who likes delicate jewelry with just a little bit of sparkle. You know it is because she shines all on her own. She loves to keep it simple but still have fun. These unique huggies are the perfect everyday piece for an extraordinary Mom.  


Get her a surprise!

still don't know what to get her? Get her a gift that reminds her she is wonderful throughout the entire year


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