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Oh, Canada!



Jewelry from the magnificent inpairation from the natural environment of the West Coast, mainly from the beautiful seaside city of Vancouver.



An iconic line of talisman necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and rings made from reclaimed silver, and handcrafted in Vancouver.

toronto, ON

Foxy Originals

Foxy Originals creating meaningful, delightful jewelry designs at accessible prices in Toronto, Ontario.

calgary, Ab

Joanna Bisley

Curated handcrafted heirloom quality jewelry from our very own city, Calgary. If you like pieces made using old age techniques such as wire wrapping and silk knotting, these high quality craftsmanship and versatility are of the utmost importance to its designer.


Hailey Gerrits

For jewels that is constructed with unique artisan-cut gems and aged reclaimed metals that imbues each piece with an image of the past and its romance 0 fully embodying the notion of "one of a kind".

toronto, ontario

Jenny Bird

For the most trendy and elevated jewelry essentials everyone's talking about right now - well designed jewelry for everyday.


Sugarblossom Jewelry

Thoughtfully designed jewelry for everyday wear, every piece meticulously designed with special consideration for just about everything.