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Top 5 Ways to Accessorize for The Calgary Stampede 2022

Top 5 Ways to Accessorize for The Calgary Stampede 2022

 Yahoo! Stampede is just around the corner! Every day is one step closer to styling and flaunting our stampede outfits! Although everyone has their Unique Stampede style, one thing that is always common during Stampede is accessories! From dainty gold necklaces and stackable bracelets to colourful stoned rings and hoop earrings, there are so many possibilities! Here are our top 5 ways to accessorize for the Stampede:

Layered Necklaces

Who doesn’t love the standard gold or silver look? It is classy and easy to style. If you are wearing a simple outfit and need ways to elevate it, what better way than with jewelry? A clean stack of necklaces will be amazing for your annual Stampede photos! The classic two chain layered necklace look is perfect for any neckline because it is bold and bright! If you want to add more dimension to your necklace stack, then a medallion necklace is your go-to! Nothing’s better than looking like you spent hours on your outfit and accessorizing when it only took a couple of minutes! It is so effortless!

Bracelet Stacks

Bracelets, bracelets, and bracelets; all the Stampede essentials! If you want to stand out in the Stampede crowd while staying on theme, the best thing to do is to put together a beautiful bracelet stack! Stampede is one of the best places to show off your fashionable style! One…two…three, or five even? Wait, how many is too many? Pair together a colored, brass-finish bracelet with a chain-linked bracelet! You could even throw on a pearl bracelet if you wanted to have more fun with your look.

Earring Stacking

Who else is absolutely obsessed with earrings this year? There is something about choosing which earring to put in which piercing… it is just so much fun! Are you wearing your hair in a ponytail? Or keeping it down? Either way, earrings always have the center stage of any outfit. 

You could keep it simple by wearing a basic large hoop with smaller one in your seconds. Or, if you want to take it a step up from classic, wear a bigger hoop with a smaller enamel hoop! Don’t have piercings? Don’t worry, ear cuffs always save the day. Wear what you love and have fun with it! This year you can turn some heads as you strut down the streets of Stampede like it’s a runway!

Add Some Colour!

Stampede is an annual event, right? So why not have a little extra fun with your accessories this year? Whether you are wearing a simple outfit or something a bit bolder, top it off with coloured stones! Doesn’t the warm summer weather, colourful foods, rides, and fireworks call for colourful statement pieces anyways? We always take advantage of the summer and wear our coloured stones and beads that have been hiding at the back of our jewelry box all year long.

Turquoise in combination with gold and silver is a timeless combination. What gets better than that? Now, we don’t just stop at one bracelet. Throw on a coloured stone bracelet with turquoise and gold and stack it with a minimalistic enamel bracelet! If you want even more colour, wear an enamel horseshoe necklace (on-theme, of course) with a pair of beautiful beaded and ceramic stoned earrings. It is always fun to experiment with earrings!  

 Think Function and Fashion 

Stampede isn’t ONLY about the outfits, accessories, and all things fashion. Rides and walking the streets with the hot beaming sun in your eyes is another part! We all need a place to put our cash, phone, and ride tickets. The Gianna and Gracie crossbody bags are small enough to bring on rides or to concerts! I don’t think it gets any better than that. Pop some sunnies on top of your cowboy hat! An effortless yet functional look for the hot weather, rides, and concerts!

What is your favourite Stampede look? Are you ready to fashionably go on rides and eat messy foods? Because we are! Show us your stampede style by tagging us in your stories and posts! Need more inspiration head to our stampede collection. 



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